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Corporate culture

The ties that bind us

Intracom Holdings remains faithful to a set of shared principles, values and beliefs that foster a common corporate culture throughout our group of companies, enhance communication and strengthen the ties that bind our people.  

We value creativity, believe in our people’s talents and encourage them to unleash their potential, think outside their comfort zones and take calculated risks to seize new business opportunities and deliver value by maximizing the advantage of available resources.

As an agile company with an entrepreneurial organizational culture, attentive to the needs of our clients, partners and stakeholders, we focus on open innovation and forward thinking while pursuing new approaches to problem solving and incorporating new ideas in our business operations. In forging a strong and creative corporate culture we remain committed to finding sustainable solutions that will benefit the planet and the emerging smart global economy.

Corporate Culure




Key Assets

INTRAKAT, one of the top five construction companies in Greece with a steadily growing international presence, undertakes advanced technology infrastructure, renewable energy, telecom, real estate and environmental projects.
INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is the leading company in electronics, advanced communication systems and software applications in the defense and security area in Greece. IDE participates in international development and production programs in partnership with major international contractors. Currently IDE is expanding its activities in surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems, in the design and manufacturing of hybrid energy systems, as well as in unmanned vehicles (UAVs and USVs).