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Corporate governance

Transparency and Accountability

Intracom Holdings is committed to modern principles of Corporate Governance, a system of laws, rules, procedures and sound approaches by which corporations are managed and controlled, in accordance with applicable Greek legislation and international best practices. Our Corporate Governance policies aim to safeguard the rights of our shareholders and the interests of all our stakeholders through transparency and accountability in our decision-making process, effective internal controls and auditing, appropriate financial risk management and the timely disclosure of clear and accurate information to all those concerned.

Our Corporate Governance policies reflect our steadfast commitment to ethical and responsible decision making by our directors and company executives to ensure our organization’s sustainable growth and the long-term welfare of shareholders and stakeholders alike. The Company has voluntarily adopted the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code 2021.


Board of Directors

The Intracom Holdings Board of Directors consists of nine members: two Executive Directors and seven Non-Executive Directors, of which three are Independent. The Board of Directors supervises and guides company management in accordance with the Intracom Holdings mission statement and the principle of transparency.


Company Procedures

To ensure smooth operations Intracom Holdings has adopted specific procedures that determine the method of operation and set the background for everyday activities.

The Charter of Operations of Intracom Holdings has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of article 14 of L. 4706/2020.


Audit Mechanisms

  • Internal Audit: The Internal Audit Department works independently and is supervised by the company's Board of Directors.
  • External Audit: The Intracom Holdings Financial Reports and Balance Sheet Accounts are certified by credible and internationally recognized organizations.


Transparency and Communication

One of the primary concerns of Intracom Holdings is to ensure transparency throughout its business activities. This is achieved through both the statutory framework of its operation and the actions of its members.

Intracom Holdings provides accurate and timely information to shareholders, stakeholders and the community at large regarding company performance and other issues through an effective communication system and individual departments established for internal and external audiences.


Social Accountability

Intracom Holdings recognizes that a company is judged as much by its products and performance as by its behavior towards society as a whole and has made a commitment since its foundation to improve the wellbeing of local communities. In line with this commitment, Intracom Holdings implements the SA 8000:2001 standard, actively participating in cultural initiatives, promoting scientific research in Greece and abroad, and adopting an effective social responsibility program.


Key Assets

INTRAKAT, one of the top five construction companies in Greece with a steadily growing international presence, undertakes advanced technology infrastructure, renewable energy, telecom, real estate and environmental projects.
INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is the leading company in electronics, advanced communication systems and software applications in the defense and security area in Greece. IDE participates in international development and production programs in partnership with major international contractors. Currently IDE is expanding its activities in surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems, in the design and manufacturing of hybrid energy systems, as well as in unmanned vehicles (UAVs and USVs).